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Great First Dates

You have mustered all your courage and asked out the person of your dreams. You’re walking on sunshine because they said yes, and now you have a great opportunity to make a fantastic impression. Once you begin planning your perfect first date, the obvious questions quickly come to mind: Where do you go? What do you do? How do you act? Everyone wants to make their first date something you can fondly look back on if the relationship becomes long-term. With these tips and ideas you’ll be quickly on your way to date two and more…What To Do
Before you decide on what to do, take some time to consider your date’s personality. Are they more likely to enjoy an intimate romantic evening or an adventurous thrill ride? Another thing to consider is that, while concerts and movies are great entertainment, they are not conducive to great conversation. Therefore, if you want to get to know your date a little better, plan some extra time for a meal or walk in a setting where you can talk. Once you have decided the style of date you want, use some of the tips below to help make it really special.Places to go; things to do:
Theme parks can be great for first dates. A lot of parks have great food and great entertainment. For example, you can ride roller coasters and hold hands while you tour the grounds, sampling the foods from different vendors.
Take your date to a movie or concert in the park. Many cities now show films played after dark in their parks. Another bonus is that they are often free so you can spend your money on a great meal or accents that really make the date special.
For an intimate date in an extremely romantic setting, take your date out for dinner or drinks on a sunset cruise.
Wine tasting is a great date idea because you can get to know each other while enjoying the experience of tasting and learning about wine. Almost all wineries offer guided tasting tours and some even offer dinner packages.
For more adventurous personalities, thrilling outdoor activities such as parasailing or white water rafting are great summertime dates.
If you are looking for intimate conversation, the zoo is a great place to go. There is a great opportunity to talk while exploring the exhibits. Many zoos also have cafes, ice-cream shops, and grassy areas for picnicking.
Another unique cold weather activity ripe with romantic possibilities is ice skating. Skip the crowds — play hooky and join each other for a weekday afternoon matinee. You should each enjoy the added physical proximity you’ll get with helping each other up or keeping each other warm.
For an interesting insight into your date’s personality, take them to a comedy club. Not only will you have fun, you can also learn a lot about your date by observing what type of jokes they find funny.
If your date is a sports fan, taking them to a sporting event is one of the best ways to make a good impression. They also happen to be great fun!
Going to the beach is also a great way to spend the day with your date. There are a number of great activities available depending on the time of year, such as flying a kite, swimming, or just going for a romantic stroll. And what better way to end the date than cuddling next to a campfire, roasting marshmallows as you watch the sun set?
If you are looking for something a little outside the box, consider visiting an art gallery or museum. Make it a game to see who can come up with the most interesting story about a piece of art, the artist or an exhibit. This can be great fun, especially if you each have no idea what you are talking about! This can also give you some great insights into each other that you might not get on a “normal” date.
Probably one of the most overlooked great first dates is the home-cooked meal. Everyone loves good food and this is definitely a chance to showcase your talents in the kitchen. For a man or a woman, cooking for your date is a sure way to win bonus points!First Date Tips for Him
The chances are extremely high that you are not going to be making love after your first date, so do not push for it.
At the end of the date, try kissing her cheek and see what her response is before moving to the lips.
Make sure you have enough money to pay for everything on the first date, even her cab ride home if neither of you drove!
Smell good, but don’t overdo the cologne.
Dress to impress. If you are fashion challenged, have a lady friend or a department store representative assist you in choosing your outfit.First Date Tips for Her
Wear something comfortable. Dealing with constricting clothing and uncomfortable shoes can turn a great date painful.
Don’t under or overeat. Men don’t like women to order only dinner salads, but they don’t want to watch you gorge yourself either.
Send the right message with what you wear. If you are just looking for a one night stand, then dress like it. If you aren’t, then dress accordingly.
Don’t drill him. Let conversation happen naturally. You want to get to know him, at his own pace. Give him the same respect you expect from him.
Don’t be too quick to judge. It’s easy for women to sit back while the man stresses about his performance and compare him to your last 12 dates, but your date is not an interview. Be cautious and smart, but be open-minded and kind as well.First Date Tips for Both
If you can, try and surprise your partner with something that shows you did your homework. For example, instead of showing up at her doorstep with the traditional red roses, surprise her with a bouquet of daisies because you found out that it’s her favorite flower. For her, offer to get the drinks and bring back his favorite cocktail to let him know you checked him out!
Be assertive, but easy going. Follow the other person’s signs, but don’t go along with something you are uncomfortable with.
Dating is about getting to know each other, so be yourself. Months or years later, couples often find themselves disappointed that the person they are involved with isn’t the same person they started dating. Avoid this by being yourself in the first place.
In almost any situation, talking about your ex on your first date is a really bad idea. If you date asks about your ex, don’t fall into the trap of detailing every character flaw they had.
Be aware of the proper etiquette for where you are and be polite, using good manners.
Take a spontaneous walk after the date, especially if you went to dinner or a show. Stop for ice-cream, pie, coffee, or some other treat while you walk and talk. You may want to hold hands, but follow the other’s lead.
If you are not paying, be considerate of your dinner bill. Stay in the middle range of the menu.
Pack along travel size mouthwash, mints, or gum to make sure you are fresh even if you don’t plan on kissing.Take a hint from these great romantic movies:
The Notebook – He dances with her in the street, they learn a lot about each other on their first night together. In another scene, he sets up candles and blankets in a beautiful deserted house that he dreams of owning someday. Later in the movie he takes her to another special place on a boat to see an amazing sight. This movie is a fabulous resource for romantic date ideas.
Hitched – They take wave runners out to an island museum where he has prepared something very personal and special for her. It doesn’t work out as planned in the movie, but the date idea was great!
You’ve Got Mail – They dated as friends without admitting they are dating. They eat, have coffee, and shop at the local market together. Everything is casual, yet extremely intimate.
50 First Dates – He gets shot down many times, but manages to spend some great days with her where they go to the aquarium, hang at the beach, eat breakfast together, walk and talk, and more.
Before Sunrise – With practically no funds, they spend a whole afternoon, evening, night, and morning together.


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